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    With a range of services under one roof, costs are reduced, efficiency increased, wages and time wasted saved as well as great quality products.

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What type of technology services does your business need?

You can have a specific set of services for your business or bundle them all under one roof!
The aim is to make it easy for you!

Remote IT Support and Consulting

Offering professional technology support and advice.

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Website Design Sydney

Website Design

Domains, hosting, security and graphic design included in our website design packages!

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Digital Marketing Hills District

Digital marketing avenues

Need help with marketing your business online? Look no further, affordable and effective.

We help with Social Media, SEO, and Digital Newsletters.

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Cheap Printing Hills District

Business branding, graphic design, & printing

We assist small businesses with branding, graphic design & printing avenues – all at cost effective prices.

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Cheaper Consulting & Prices
Grouped integrated services
Business growth via technology

Simple, quick, & effective to implement & manage

Cost effective and professional technology vendors.

Why Consolitech? What makes us different?

Digital Marketing Hills District

Bundling services means we can offer it cheaper!We take care of your IT as if it is our own. This means bundling services like telephones to websites, which in turn equates to an easier management system for us as well as a reduced offering for your business. The more you bundle the less you have to worry about. Consulting starts at $150+GST hourly!If your IT is efficient, quick, and doesn’t have downtime then this means your staff have the ability to work quicker.Learn more…

Computer Support Rouse Hill

Working with you to grow businessWhen your technology works for your business, it makes profits stand out!This is done by utilising up-to-date and efficient technology. More ways to access information, and higher security levels.Learn more…

Happy clients!

When your technology just runs, and your business grows. You’re on the right track..So your technology is looked after, things are humming along. What next?We don’t stop working. We make sure that your computer is healthy with constant checkups, antivirus is up to date, backups are working.We then check to see if your technology will be out of date soon OR if your systems are cost effective.This is why clients are happy and running. Their business relies on our technology. Why not do it right?

“The team at Consolitech were very professional, extremely friendly and supplied my computers, looked after my website and even our digital marketing/ printing. We consider them part of the Airmakers family and are in their hands”

Kristie RoseOffice ManagerAirmakers

I couldn’t be happier with Consolitech’s performance on maintaining my website, implementing my email systems as well as thinking about backups (while I forgot about this). They are professional and prompt. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending them to anything thinking of switching their IT provider. They do it discretely, friendly and professionally.

Bronwyne GrillsOwner / DirectorInjury & Mediation Interventions (iandmi)

Bit hesitant about another dodgy or crappy IT guy?

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We have been in your position at one stage, trust us we get it!All you want is your problems to not occur, things to run smoothly so you can just get on with work. This is what we aim and have successfully done with clients. We put in solutions that have the least amount of work and hassle on our end. The less we issues we hear from your end, the better for the both of us!Computers never run accordingly, however we can reduce the hassle with good technology.The trick?Don't be stingy on your technology investment. (Don't be too exuberant as well)