PRICING POLICY as of Jul 2016

Consolitech Solutions endeavours to provide you with cost effective services and great prices. We will continually try to give you the most cost effective solutions and services* at competitive prices. However in order for us to make sure we can continue to supply this to you we need for you to make sure that all accounts are settled on time or before the due date.

This helps us with cash flow and making sure we can provide you with quick response times with software and hardware. If at any time you do have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our office on 02 8006 1610.

Pricing & Charges: These prices are the strict terms and conditions that Consolitech Solutions operates by. If you have any discretion or objection to the below please contact us. All pricing in this document is excluding GST (unless otherwise stated).

Payment of invoices: All consulting invoices are on strict 7 day terms unless agreed prior in writing. Late payment or unpaid invoices will result in no service, goods seized and additional costs in the debt recovery process.

Quoted: For all quoted work we require 100% of all hardware and software payments upfront before any work is done or hardware/ software is ordered. This will help us with our resources and management.

Materials: Sometimes we will need to use miscellaneous materials like network cables, phone cables or power adaptors, and switches; after confirming with you we will use these at our discretion unless you tell us otherwise. We will charge you for these as required.

Time and Delivery: The time and delivery of all work includes the scope of the initial project. If this time becomes significantly a lot more than initially anticipated, then we will proceed to bill you as per this pricing policy.

Hardware, Software and 3rd Party Services: Consolitech Solutions requires authorisation from a signatory person in the organisation before any equipment is ordered. All hardware and software remain the property of Consolitech Solutions until full payment for the equipment is made. All hardware and software unless otherwise noted will be strictly payment before order. If the equipment is urgent or needed in order to finish the job (cables, tools) this will be purchased at our discretion.

Website, Email and other related hosting services – This pricing policy does not include website hosting and maintenance costs as agreed with your business. These costs are an additional service/ charge. Please contact Rouse Hill IT for more information on these services, costs and charges. 

Travel costs: The cost of travel for site visits have been outlined below:

  Scheduled Site Visit Unscheduled Visit
Regular customers or maintenance customers $125 + parking costs $150 call out fee + Parking costs
All other customers $150+ GST for the first hour chargeable in full + 70c per km travelled + parking costs Travel time charged as consulting + travel expenses including public transport, parking.

Travel time includes the first hour of travel.

 Definitions of travel costs:

Cost Effective Solutions and Services: This means that we will source appropriate and good quality solutions at great prices.

Regular or maintenance customers is defined as: A business/ customer who have been using Rouse Hill IT services for the past 3 months and have signed an engagement letter with us.

All other customers is defined as: A customer that is not a regular customer and have not signed our engagement letter with us.

Scheduled Site Visit is defined as: A site visit that has been booked in prior 2 days before coming out. Unscheduled Site Visit is defined as: A site visit that has not been booked in 2 days prior.

Standard travel costs, is defined as: The most effective and efficient cost of travel to and from your office. Emergency site visits, is defined as: A critical time where you require your IT infrastructure to be looked as soon as possible.

Express travel costs, is defined as: The cost of the fastest means possible (i.e. taxi) to and from your office. Travel time, is defined as: Normal consultancy rates from the time the consultant leaves our office until they arrive at your office.

Parking costs, is defined as: The cost of parking including any, parking stations, parking bays, daily or casual rates.

Other travel costs, is defined as: Payment for parking meters and parking garages, airplane and lodging expenses including accommodation and food expenses, taxis and public transport.

Hourly rates Ad-Hoc Customers:

  Standard Hourly Rate After hours rate
Contract Customers $125 + GST / hourly

Billed in 15 minute increments.

$180 + GST / hourly

Bill in 15 minute increments.

Non-contract customers $150 + GST /hourly

Billed in15 minute increments.

$220 + GST /hourly

Billed in 15 minute increments.

All consulting is billed in 15 minute increments.

Travel time includes the first hour of consulting

Contract Customers, is defined as: A business/ customer who is in contract with Consolitech Solutions for regular IT services maintenance plan.

Standard hourly rate times, is defined as: Monday – Friday (Weekdays) between the hours of 9:00am – 5:30pm.

After hour’s rate times, is defined as:  Monday – Friday (Weekdays) between the hours of 5:30pm – 9:00 am. All day Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

Non contract customers, is defined as: Customers that require only Ad-Hoc IT services

Approval of certain items and costs:

Hardware: We will give you a written quote for hardware costs. This needs to be approved in writing and paid in full before any orders are made.

Software: We will give you a written quote for software costs. This needs to be approved in writing and paid in full before any orders are made.

Consulting: We will give you a rough estimate of consulting needed. Consulting is charged as per pricing policy and all time will be documented.

Site Visits: We will ask for the afterhours, unscheduled and travel costs to be approved before any work is done, however if the issue is time critical and needs our attention ASAP and we cannot get in contact with your company’s representative at that moment in time then we will proceed with the required work as needed on the costs explained in this pricing policy.

Hosted Services: We will give you a cost in relation to hosted services. All hosted services are in relation to their own pricing policies and must be confirmed. They are excluded from this agreement.

The conditions outlined in this pricing policy may be updated from time to time. It is important that you check our website for the up to date pricing policy as well as the terms and conditions.